Banjo Lern-CD-ROM (Gerry O'Connor, Four men and a dog)

...the single best four string banjoist in the history of Irish Music...
- Earl Hitchner, The Wall Street Journal

Learn to play the banjo with our CD ROM banjo tutorial. Banjo instruction is provided by our banjo tutor Gerry O Connor. Video and audio files combine with music notation, text and photos to make the learning process as easy as possible.

The MadForTrad banjo tutorial was recorded by renowned banjo player Gerry O'Connor (of Four Men and a Dog fame). As well as being a successful performer, Gerry is also an experienced banjo teacher who regularly gives workshops in Ireland, Europe and the United States.

The banjo tutor caters for all levels from the absolute beginner to very advanced players. The banjo tutorial also includes a performance piece and an interview with the tutor.

The beginner's section of the banjo tutor takes the student through the basics like scales and basic picking techniques and gradually leads them to a level where they are able to play jigs and reels with some basic ornaments.

The individuals parts of each tune covered are demonstrated on video at a slow pace and subsequently the full tune is demonstrated at a medium pace. Detailed music notation is also provided for each tune. 

Topics Covered:

 How to Read Music
 How to Hold and Tune the Banjo
 Basic Picking Techniques
 Five Easy Airs
 Five Beginners Jigs 
 Five Beginners Reels
 Single-note and Three-note Triplets 
 Jigs and Reels with Ornaments


The Advanced section takes the student from beginners level to a stage where they are able to play difficult tunes with intricate ornamentation and complex picking techniques. This section is designed to take the student up to a level of proficiency adequate for participation in sessions and competitions. 

Topics Covered:

 Eight Advanced Jigs
 Eight Advanced Reels
 Three Hornpipes
 Chromatic Triplets
 Hammer-ons and Slides
 Accented Passing Notes
 Incorporation of Chord Shapes 
 Playing out of First Position